Tuesday, July 21, 2015

My Final Journey

Hi there, 
I'm reaching out to share with you an important announcement!  
I have decided that this year, 2015 will be my last official walk. I will continue to walk to support everyone on this journey and their loved ones, but without an intense focus on the fundraising. What that means is that you won't receive as many emails from me on this aspect of the journey.  I will join my fellow walkers just unofficially.  Frankly, it stresses me out! I get very anxious as the time gets closer and I'm still far away from the goal.
So it you have some occasions on your calendar or want to get some early shopping done for yourself, this is that opportunity. Click this link and read more. This is an opportunity to do something for yourself!
This month I'm hosting an online shopping event that will allow ALL proceeds to go towards my efforts. 
I'm the first to admit that fundraising is the most difficult part of this whole process. 
Yes, walking 20 + miles over 3 days is no picnic, but asking for donations is a personal request that is hard for me.  It makes you humble to have to ask for help, which each of us know. It changes how you view the world and your perspective on what is important.  It takes a great deal of understanding to refrain from judgement, as you can see I'm being quite honest. 

I can't Thank you enough no matter how hard I try.  What is important is that you know I appreciate it all every time you think of gifting, sharing or even reading my emails, posts and blog. 
Even if you don't give a monetary donation to me, keep spreading the word about the importance of self checks and mammograms.  40% of women diagnosed, find their own lumps.  So do yours every month. 
I remain My Sister's Keeper. 

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