Sunday, August 2, 2015

I'm Awake!

I woke up like this... 
Scared and paranoid, I was startled from slumber. 
I was sweaty as though I'd just been running for my life.  In this dreammare I was do just that. 
Running for my life. 
Maybe you didn't hear me, I was RUNNING FOR MY LIFE! 
Many of us feel that our dreams are pictures from the past or of the future yet to be. 
There is some validity to this belief to a certain extent. 
As for myself, I'm a believer and I do adhere to most of what I see and how I interpret it. 
I take these very clear and concise dreams to be my conversations with my Lord and Savior.  This is his way of telling me things I would or couldn't otherwise hear.  The sub-conscious mind is a very powerful place
When I reflect, listen, rewind and replay all the events from the message usually I,
1- adhere to it
2- find it to be relevant
3- find that it's accurate in essence
4- scares the HELL out of me
What I find the most comfort in is the realization that these types of conversations (that are one-sided, as I'm asleep) don't happen to frequently.  That doesn't mean that I don't engage but it means that this an easier form of preparation for what is to come or actions that need to be taken. 
Now, don't judge me because we all have our methods that don't agree with the "norms" of others.
Yet, when I awoke this beautiful morning, I was afraid for my life. 
Because of that, I'm sharing my conversation with HIM right here. 
Blessed Father, I come to you in prayer. 
Thank you Father for gracing me with the chance to see another day. Lord, I pray in your name as I seek guidance from as only you can provide. I'm afraid and not sure of the message. 
Is someone literally trying to harm me directly or  indirectly through someone I care about?  You have definitely infused the scared factor and I'm not sure how I feel about that.  I know that I've been thinking and making changes in a couple areas of my life, are you warning me?  I trust in you Lord and will follow your will, but I'm scared. 
This message was so powerful that I cowered in bed under the covers afraid to get up.  Every sound made me jump, I was looking in the darkness for the shadows I felt were there. Lord, I'm asking you for clarity and your continued guidance as you watch over me.  I'm awake and aware.   
I bring this to you Lord. 

In life when we realize that there are things that need to be done differently, we often as for guidance.  That guidance comes in many forms that aren't always clear, the way we want it or how we want it to be.  I know I'm not the only one that knows this.  What I have gathered as I am now awake, is there is something amiss.  I needed a warning and that was it.  Lord, it has been received. 
Now, I'm not a church going woman, but I am a praying woman and I will be praying about this dreammare.  Messages and answers come in many forms and I will be looking and listening for it. As we move along on this journey called life, the naysayers, challenges and obstacles will be there, but so will the Blessings.  Even if you don't believe, I'm not judging you as that is not my place.  What I do know is, that each of us have these things learned or ingrained- Faith, Hope, and the power to Believe.
We have to BELIEVE that no matter how horrible it is, there is a reason and a purpose.  
No matter what you're going through, you have to BELIEVE that you will get through what is your current turmoil. 
We have FAITH that what it is will turn itself around ,get better or pass. 
We HOPE that there is a Blessing to come, a reason it happened in the first place and that you don't have to experience it again. 
At some point in time you felt this way.  In this regard it doesn't make you any different than your neighbor, stranger or I. 
Hold on to what you need to that is positive and your strength. 
Pray when you need to, ask for clarity or guidance to give you understanding. 
Talk to someone if you need to and pay attention. 
I know this is so different that my usual posts, but it is for you this is written. 
Do you recall hearing the saying, be very afraid?
Well, I woke up like this....

 I am My Sister's Keeper

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