Friday, June 5, 2015

Cherished moments

I sat down about 2 hours ago writing this very intimate soul baring piece only to have it get erased.  My emotions were so raw from being exposed that I again burst into tears of frustration.  My intention was to share a piece of me with you because sometimes it just needs to be done.  This was personal and difficult yet I was willing because it was time.  The moment is gone and I can never recover those words, share them with but I can move forward.
This is what I can say, if you have loved ones in any of your life circles that you haven’t spoken to in a while, are not speaking to (for whatever reason) are missing having them in your life; reach out.  If you make the effort and don’t get a response, at the very least you know that you tried.  Now, I don’t mean a half-heated effort. I’m talking about a real effort to reconnect, bury the hatchet and reestablish a relationship. 
I’m going to share a life memory that keeps me going especially in October – my birth month.  This month is special because my mother made it so.

                              A Mother's Love

If at all possible, let me know what you thought after reading.  You just never know how your experience touches the life of another. 
Enjoy the sun, fun, family, friends and love all that you have before and around you.
I truly appreciate you being in my life no matter the form.

I am My Sister’s Keeper

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