Monday, September 1, 2014

My Salute!!

For all the women out there each and every fighting to survive and make it through another round of treatment, I take my hat off to you. 
To all those that have sat bedside while a friend or loved one went through it, I offer my shoulder.  
To all those that choose to live in denial that it can happen, I offer you a tissue.  
If you are any of the above, I've cried tears for you as I understand when your worst nightmare comes true. For you are the reason I have taken this role, position and stance in this fight so the list can end sooner than later. 
Every year, I walk and to consider that I may not this year, has brought an abundance of tears for which there aren't enough tissues. I will continue to honor your memory and fight by carrying your name for the 3 days of the walk even if I'm not a walker.  
To be one of the few in my circle of 8 that hasn't received a diagnosis is nothing but a Blessing of which keeps me humbled because I know that is only there by the Grace of God go I.  
For me this a major setback, but a small obstacle in the grand scheme of things.  I will use this time to prepare for the walks yet to be so I'm prepared and ready and not feeling as helpless as I do today. My sincere apologies for those that hoped, wished and supported my efforts this year.  I begrudgingly accept that there is a reason for this season even though I don't quite understand it. I have to refocus my energy but never giving up.  Being involved in this gives you a different outlook on many things, but I continue to have hope. For without it what do we have? 
I believe in my efforts, this struggle and all those who get through and start a new journey in this life after a diagnosis.
I believe in those passed on served a greater purpose. 
I believe that what is destined will come to pass.  
I believe in the power of prayer, support and encouragement as it is what gets us through the rough times.  For without it what do we have?  
Personally, it is all that I have.
Know that we are stronger as a unified force! 
We will continue this journey as long as it takes. 
I am My Sister's Keeper

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