Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Tomorrow never came

Time waits for no one and takes no prisoners,
We continue to put off to another day what we should do today.
We believe, there's always tomorrow.
Today was the day she was called home.
My heart aches with sorrow because
tomorrow will not be.
The call came and with disbelief I
shouted at the phone
what did you say, couldn't believe what I heard.
no don't say it again spins 'round in my head,
my mouth says repeat it again.
My lip trembles, my knees shake
oh no, no, not her
She went to bed with her spirit full,
laughter was the last sound heard by another
I heard nothing because tomorrow never came.
It ended just like that end,
I can still her see her in my minds eye,
I can still hear her in my head,
why, please not her, not yet
but tomorrow never came.
Now there are calls to make,
the brave face I'll have in place.
The friends that gather to speak of her memory
people I don't know but they know me.
The sons she'll never see grow
because for us there is no tomorrow.
They waited for her but she never came,
Now she no longer will be, because
tomorrow never came.
A mother gone too soon, sons left in her wake.
Finding the strength to move forward while still in a haze.
I'm calling on all that I have to give me what I need to
make it through, a baby sister gone too soon.
All because tomorrow, never came.

I am My sister's Keeper

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