Sunday, May 4, 2014

Mom is a Spit Fire!!

We are officially in the moment of celebrating Mom!
Although no one has chosen to share and words of celebration about their Mom, not to worry.
I have plenty to share about mine and those that I know.
Join me in celebrating a very special woman,Roberta McQueen.
Roberta is all that is a woman, a spit fire of determination.
She is the matriarchal backbone of her family.
She is filled with loved, support, words of encouragement and a role model to the daughters that she has.  Roberta plays a vital role in the lives of the women and young girls in her family.  She may not be aware of how important that role is and the impact that she has.  Roberta gives of herself to her friends as she does her family any way that she can.  Always looking out for others and sharing news and information on things that you've shown an interest in.
She is a fighter that is stubborn and sticks to her guns.
She is an inspiration as she belies her age with her exuberance of confidence, commitment and abilities to Make It Happen.
She continuously encourages and motivates her family and others.  No matter the route taken, she is there urging you toward success. Roberta has no problem speaking her mind to let you know her view about the topic of discussion or recent actions and or situations.
Who couldn't love her or want to get to know her?
I believe she is totally a free spirit that refuses to live a life of confinement but a life that is filled with adventures and exploration.
Roberta is my mother-in-law and unlike the myths that we hear about all too often, she is AMAZING!
She is young in her spirit, actions and wears it proudly.
A petite woman in stature but has a heart the size of multiple states.
I felt a connection when we first met which was long before we became in laws.  Immediately she engaged me and our relationship began from the outside in.  I don't connect with new people easily, but it was so easy.
What I enjoy most is the art of conversation and with her its so easy.  We can sit down and have a conversation about anything and it just flows easily.  there is nothing being forced, it just is.  We are comfortable in the relationship to be honest without fear of being misunderstood, angered or judged.
Now if you want to talk about a Blessing, in my opinion, she has been that to this family.  A dose of reality which was long overdue, but not openly acknowledged.
I may not communicate as often as I should as I tend to shut down when I'm going through some things.  she doesn't hold it against me, we just pick up and keep it moving.
If you recall, I don't let too many people in especially women after the passing of my mom, but Roberta has been there from the word go.  I didn't have to resist, she didn't have to push.  She just walked up and through and has been there in my heart ever since.
She is a friend, confidant, voice of reality not only to myself but to my daughter as well.  She has a relationship with her granddaughter that is truly important and very special.  I don't know all that they talk about, but I know their relationship adds value to her life in ways that I can't. For that I'm beyond grateful because that relationship is truly priceless.
Roberta, in case I haven't told you recently, I want you to know this - I love you freely and completely.
I hope that all that I do and become continues to make you ever proud.
I celebrate all that you are yesterday, today, tomorrow and days yet to be.
I realize the importance of seizing the day and this is the day to seize.
I don't like sharing and with you I don't feel as though I am.
I cherish our relationship and want nothing more than for it to grow.
Being a mother goes far beyond giving birth to a child.
A mother is that person that nurtures, supports, motivates, encourages and truly listens to you.
She is that person that is there when you need an ear, shoulder, a voice of reason and arms to hold you.
My birth mother and friend has been gone a long time and I've been fortunate and Blessed to have a few special mothers placed in my life to continue to give me all that I need.  To continue to give me that physical essence that I need to make it through.  I cherish what we have and will continue to all the days that we have together.
We may not speak daily, see one another often, but the place that you hold in my life and that of my family is one of respect, appreciation, gratitude and honor.
I celebrate you, all that you are and what is yet to be.
Happy Mother's Day!!
You are a mother to this family and all those within it.

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