Saturday, April 26, 2014

Irreplaceable - A Mother's Love

I'm getting a head start on acknowledging that very special woman in our lives. 
I am inviting you to read, share and join in. 
No matter if she is here, gone ahead, or you're just not in touch. 
She may your sister, grandma, nanna, aunt or other. 
She is that woman that supports, nurtures, provides and loves on you near or from a distance - we will spend all May showing how special she is. 
Having my mom transition at a pivotal point in the lives of my sisters and I has left a hole that is still healing twenty-two years later.  Not a day goes by that I don't miss her, think of her or ask her for guidance, support or advice.  When my mother passed, people around me thought I was headed into a downward spiral fast and were very concerned.  She was my best friend.  I could talk to her about any and every thing that came to mind.  We shared secrets and talked on the phone everyday once I moved out. 
In my mind we were connected in a very special way.  There was a bond that was unspoken and we could finish each others sentences.  We did little things for one another, but special things without being asked, just because it was needed or the thought was out there. My mother supported me even when I made mistakes, repeatedly, she never faltered.  She let me know when i didn't live up to her expectations or hurt her with my words.  yet, she was big enough to apologize when she'd made a mistake.  She taught so much about being a woman, a mother and always let me know I was loved.  She was very affectionate, laughed out loud and enjoyed life even when she was ill, in pain and suffering.  At her weakest moments she was still thinking of others - her girls and new grand babies that she wouldn't live to see grow up. 
I intend to recognize and share a daily post, quote, poem or words of wisdom that has come from mothers everywhere.  There isn't a day that I don't see positive relationships between mothers and daughters that just tug at my heart because I no longer have that.  I also see far too many broken mother-daughter relationships, that neither attempts to or want to mend.  This saddens me as they don't realize that no matter how horrible she may be (real or perceived) she is the only one you have.  Once she is gone, that is it.  
A mom isn't always the person that birthed you, gave you that first breath.  She is that person that tended your bruises, illness, made you smile, combed your hair, tells you how beautiful you are and looks at you with love in her eyes.  She is that person that hugs you just because and enjoys holding your hand or stroking your face. 
I sit here write this and cry as I remember those moments and miss them dearly.  I miss the sound of her voice even when it was whisper soft or raspy and racked with pain.  Sitting on the phone watching television together and holding conversations about life and what are thoughts were. 
I like some others, have been fortunate to have women in my life that have helped me beyond compare.  We have forged relationships that are close.  These special women are beyond worthy and they feel that I am worthy.  As children no matter our age, isn't that what we want - acceptance and feeling that we're worthy?
They have not replaced her as that isn't possible, but they have earned a place in my heart that I hold very close. I looked at life very differently and it took a while to allow them in as I didn't and don't want to face the loss again.  Although it is inevitable, as we all must transition.  I'm better prepared for what will come when it does. 
This year, I'm celebrating all those moms!! 
Everyone woman that has taken on this role by choice, by chance or by necessity. 
She is special because it does take a special woman to raise a child, a family and give them all that they need to face the world, especially in the world we live in today. 
You are invited to share your mom here with us with some words, a picture or whatever is comfortable for you. 
Remember to reach out to her with a note, a call, a visit, give her a hug and be sure to let her know how much you love and appreciate her. 
Don't let another day go by without doing so. 
Tomorrow is not promised to anyone, so take advantage of today. 

I am My Sister's Keeper

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