Friday, February 28, 2014

I Dream

Where has the time gone?
It has been far too long since I've come to release and gain some insight.
So as I sit here this Friday night and ponder what are to be the next steps for me on this journey.
This is year five to walk 60 miles and beyond twenty in this fight to Make A Difference in the lives of those yet to be and those fighting to survive.
I can proudly say, that in my efforts filled with passion and determination that I have persevered and touched the lives of many.  Some in small ways others in larger ways by just being me.
I'm proud of myself and the work that I have and realize there is still so much to do.
There are so many that are lonely in this fight, and others that have been Blessed to be surrounded by the love and support of family and friends.  For that I'm ever grateful on their behalf, as to take this journey in solitude is self defeating.
Like so many others, I too have dreams and aspirations to attain on this journey that are not for me but for others. I dream of having a place where women can come freely and talk amongst themselves privately about their individual journeys, trials, joys and sorrows. A place where they can provide one another the much needed support and companionship that is unlike any other as they share a common bond - a diagnosis.
I dream of a place where people come gain information, resources and referrals of services, physicians, treatments and essential life tips and suggestions.
I dream of a place that is filled with the laughter of those that are taking it one day at a time and celebrating those milestones no matter how small or large.
I dream of place that is filled with acceptance of where we are today and what we want for tomorrow.
I dream of a place that women can be themselves and not just a diagnosis.
I dream of a place where women feel whole and beautiful within and display it proudly on the outside as well.
I dream of a place  that doesn't exist at this moment and time but with faith and determination will come to fruition.
I dream making these dreams a reality for those that require it.
I walk today, tomorrow and everyday that I'm allowed until my dreams become reality.

Share in my dream and pray for it as I do.
For there are many that need, require and want it as I do.

I am My Sister's Keeper

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