Sunday, March 23, 2014

Gateway to Greatness

Have you chosen your path?
Are you the one in control of the path that you are destined to take?
Are you making the steps that will lead you to the destination you desire?
I'm sure that is what you believe, but know there is a higher power at work.
I had the pleasure of being an active learner at an event that was totally out of my element.  I'm not an artist in the way the term is used and understood by many.
I listened to some young people use their talents, skills, gifts, and abilities in a positive way.  They are on the forefront of accomplishing some life goals and open to learning as they move forward.
Many people know that Atlanta is know as an up and coming music/artistic mecca and everyone and then some want to be a part of it all.  How do you make your aspirations a reality?
The HOPE Center in Atlanta is place where artist are learning, sharing and growing.  In collaboration is the quiet secret (to me) of Positive Arts Movement!!  Who knew they existed and the wonderful things they do?
They have a wealth of information, knowledge and are willing to share and help these artist to grow.

 A beautiful group of people that provide leadership, support and network that can help you beyond measure. Need to get some awesome prints to share in social media, networking events, showcases, etc they can help you with this.  Stay away from the bathroom shots, pictures with a cluttered background, it sends the wrong message to those whom you're trying to get to support, sponsor,back and follow you. It takes one major flaw that is continuous to give the wrong impression and lose those that don't know from taking the time to get to know you. 

RIMSHOT Urban Musical is a stage play that speaks volume to the cause and beyond.  They are taking this play on the road and spreading the message far and wide.  Opening the eyes of the public and especially young girls that are very vulnerable. 
Yesterday, I learned so many things and I was a guest in an environment that I haven't been a part of as an artist.  They gave some information that the artist can use in their business, because being an artist and wanting support is a business environment.  You have the craft, the gift, but you're putting into the world of business and knowing that side of it is vital to your success.  They have classes that will be offered and if yesterday was an indicator, everyone in business can benefit.  I learned so much in the 60 minutes I was there, that I will be implementing in my business that is far from the entertainment arena. 
Take a look, attend a class, attend an event, because the Positive Arts Movement is making it happen! 

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