Thursday, January 2, 2014

Write with Me Campaign!

I have a blog so I can share my thoughts, feelings and some of my life's important events.
With the new year, I've chosen to make more personal connections with those I know personally and those I want to build relationships with.
So I'm putting pen to paper by actually writing notes on a daily basis.
It's a small way to have a big impact on the life of another.
When was the last time you received a note from some one just because.
No, I don't mean Christmas, I mean out of the blue?
Well don't be surprised if you wind up on my list of recipients.
I'm starting a writing campaign!
Want to join, add you name here as a comment and we'll connect to exchange personal information.
You just never know what is happening in the life of another and how they'll feel once they receive a note.
That note might be a determining fact for them.
At the very least it will make them smile.
So often, I personally dread going to the mailbox - too many bills.
During the holiday season, I enjoy opening mail that isn't a bill.
As the holidays have passed, I think the ability to enjoy getting mail should continue.
Writing is an art, a skill that has gone by the way side due to our overwhelming exposure to technology.
Reacquaint yourself with someone or meet someone new.
Nothing wrong with a simple act of kindness, write a note.
If you're with me, comment and let's make this happen.

I am My Sister's Keeper

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