Saturday, December 28, 2013

Random Acts that Give Back

As we all prepare for a new year, 2014, I too have been doing some reflections. 

Like others I too want to see changes.

What I do know, is that I'm going to spend a good portion of my time, giving back to others.I'm not in a position to be "philanthropic" as its understood to be.  What I can do, is the best I can in my own way to help others that are less fortunate.  Yes, I struggle to pay bills, fight debt, get up to go to work the next day, etc... I enjoy what I currently do to make a positive impact in this world in which we live, but somehow in my mind, its not enough.

So I'm pledging to do more.
With my business, I'm donating 50% of my proceeds to charity that help others and I can see where the money is going.
I'm doing my charitable events that will help others in the now.
I'm pledging to walk in at least 10 Breast Cancer Events this year.
I've tried to have events in my community to help those in my community = small impact.  I can say at times it was disheartening that the cause wasn't as important to others, but I can't chance that.
I do know that there are so many that are in need, that I will do things differently moving forward.
I will begin actively seeking a change in careers.  I love teaching yet, I feel that it is time to move on from what I currently do.
I decided to put it out there to keep me accountable and on task.
As I work to grow my business, I'm working on myself because charity begins at home.

Choosing to lend a hand when I can.
Helping even one person makes an impact.
Allowing HIM to work through me.
Reaching out to another in a time of need.
Instead of turning a blind eye, open the eyes of another.
Taking a moment to give Thanks for what I do have.
Yelling, inside that I can do this.

I'm doing this because I believe that no one gets anywhere alone and everyone can use some help.  Most people accept help when they don't know its being given.  Otherwise, they wouldn't accept it if they knew.  I truly enjoy making others smile, tears are nice too, but I enjoy giving.
No, I'm not rich, remember, I'm scraping and rubbing coins together, but I can share what I do have with someone that needs it.
This is my gift, my year of giving back.
I Believe, I Trust, I Can, therefore I Will

I am My Sister's Keeper

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