Tuesday, December 24, 2013

My Christmas Wish

I've been on very sporadically the last couple days and I missed it.  
I'm emotionally torn. I have returned to the world of the Internet to see so many post of positive Blessings for many and many post of loss, pain and tragedy. I start out with a smile to scroll down and see sadness and grief. This time of year is filled with so much of both, that it give cause to stop and just reflect on those things in life that are important and those that we love.
there are many families are being torn apart by a variety of issues that are long standing and no one is willing to budge, take the first step to move forward with a clean slate.
There are just as many families that are close and loving despite the issues to have a tragedy or loss enter this circle and they are brought closer as the grieve.
I ask that we look at the reason for the season that goes far beyond material items. We each need to share our thoughts, feelings and love for our fellow man near and far and let go of the unimportant issues.
You want to have positive memories, not those of anger, distrust and discord. If there is anyway that you can let it go do so, or just refrain from carrying the negativity forward with you. Be strong in your positive memories of those you disconnect from and fill your time with those that are bringing positivity into your life.
I realize that some issues just can't be overlooked or worked out, so be willing to accept that as you decide to move forward. Bring closure to the issue via a letter to that individual or yourself so you have a clear conscious - you don't have to send it anywhere until you're ready.
Don't hold on to those feelings, as they grow within, fester and fill you up, eventually overtaking you. No one should be filled with that as life is shorter than you will ever know.
Embrace what you do have, with those that you love and create more beautiful memories to share and hold on to.
I hope that each person reading this is able to release themselves from the bondage of anger, negativity and replace it with nothing but Blessings, for self and others.
I wish each of you a Merry Christ-mas as you share with loved ones everywhere.
This is my Christmas wish. 

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