Saturday, January 18, 2014

Speaking to Life

I was called to do this work.
I received a call, a request and I answered.
Today I had the honor to speak with some women as part of a panel at a Breast Cancer Event.
These survivors had amazing stories and each one was different and inspiring as it was being told.
One woman is the 5th generation of survivors and has very close to living beyond the oldest family survivor's age of death. She is 47 and the eldest was 55 year young.  These speak to the toll that breast cancer can have on a family.  I can't imagine it, I mean 5 generations of this monster.
Another told of her self discovery of her mass and breast disfiguring.  This is what led her to a physician to check it out, although she'd already self-diagnosed breast cancer.  She was correct and what's so important is her form was an aggressive form. Another panelist had some difficulties with misdiagnosis and treatments, but she was persistent and fought until physicians listened to her.  To be in the presence of each of these women was a humbling experience, one that I am proud to have.
Tonight's event was a focus on overall health issues and how we can and need to take care of ourselves. From before a diagnosis to well after including the diets.
I look forward to more opportunities such as this.
I get to speak to the public about the importance of being proactive and communicating with others.
Each panelist agreed that having a strong support system is vital.
Each panelist was well received and tonight I also learned something.
It made traveling the distance well worth it. 

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