Friday, January 24, 2014

Message Given, Message Received, Amen!

Happy Friday!!!
The day may have had some bumps along the way, but the wrap up was priceless.
I always state that we never know whom is watching or the impact that you have on the life of another and today was further proof of just that.
The moment snuck up on me and just overwhelmed me emotionally.
Yes, I have moments when I can be a BIG crybaby and I'm fine with that. :)
Today, I received a phone call from a woman that I met about two years ago at an event I participated in.  Yes, I was out there doing my thing about the importance of getting your health taken car of, putting yourself first and all that.  Well, this woman and mother of 5 beautiful babies let me know that she just didn't have time, there was always some reason or another.  She'd put it off for something else and so on.  Nothing new, something each of us does at some point and time.  Well today out of the blue she called me.
She called me because she wanted to share with me, wanted me to be the  first person she told that she'd scheduled her first mammogram!!  I felt nothing but pride - for her.  That she now is in a position to take the time and put herself FIRST!
She told me how it all came about and we laughed until my face hurt.
She gave me the date/time of the appointment and how she told her doctor that she" needed to get it done because of a very persistent and determined woman, Nichelle kept after her about getting it done." I was floored in a good no amazing way!  To think that she kept those calls, messages, text, messages, etc in her mind that when he asked her that is what she thought of.
I will do what I do for women that are getting their mammograms done no matter if it is the first of the fifth - giving her my support and following up with her afterwards.
It was such a pleasure to hear the laughter and happiness in her voice as we chatted about it and all that she is doing to be a proactive participant in her best health for herself  first and then for her family.
another reminder that the message doesn't go unheard although it may appear that way.  Life happens and sometimes gets in the way of what we want. all things happen for a reason and in a particular season.
I sent her this message after our call.
Kyra, you have no idea how your words touched my soul today. After making my face hurt
from smiling and laughing so hard. I had a moment of intense emotion. I know that what I do is important but I don't always know how others receive the message. Hearing from you today, made me realize that it is being received and heard. Even when the actions aren't taken right away. For you to share with me that I was the first person you thought of to call once you made your FIRST EVER mammogram appointment sealed it. I'm not sure if I'm expressing myself clearly, because my mind is just whirling with thoughts and the tears of joy and whatnot have me a bit out of sorts.
It took 2 years to make it a reality but I'm still extremely happy and proud that you're doing this for yourself as well as the rest of it. You are being proactive and putting YOU first! Congratulations to you!! Thank you so much for sharing it with me today. I'm just bubbling over with emotions right now.  

I will continue my efforts because every closed eye isn't sleep and every turned ear is listening.
I am My Sister's Keeper!

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