Thursday, January 30, 2014

Something Different for a Positive Change

Today I decided to agree and join in the madness taking place in my home.  I have been summoned to join in this challenge of change.  My family has entered the world of juicing and they seem to enjoy it.  They have been after me to do it with them. 
finally, I have relinquished the holds and said yes! 
What does this mean, I'm not quite sure.  The gist of it is for the next 30 days we will juice our primary meal - start the day off with a juice blend of fruits and veggies.    I'm an avid coffee drinker and refuse to have this replace my morning drink of choice.  
So today was day one - officially. 
I refuse to make it, so if they want me to participate, they will make it and I will drink it. 
Today, i had a great drink.  It had strawberries, apples, blueberries, kale and some water and I think flax seed too.  Turns out it wasn't bad, I actually enjoyed it. 

It looks pretty before mixed and smells good.  But after its mixed up, hold your nose!! 
My family are adamant that I'll see some changes, but I'm not as confident as they are. 
Each day I will post here as I stick with this challenge and see how it goes. 
Don't desert me, give me 30 days, because I'm going to need the support of others to get me through this. 
If you're already doing this, share with me.  I'm going to need as much support that's available to me. 

The things we do...

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