Sunday, October 13, 2013

This is it!!

This is it!!! 

We are in the final days leading up to the event which begins on Friday, October 18th. 
We will show in mass that we are fighting this monster, supporting those that have fallen, and honoring those that have passed on. 
If you have delayed your donation, please make it today. 
This is the time that I will show you how all the hard work that I have put in is being put into actions! 
I will show you how important those valuable assets that you've shared are being put to use. 
I will show you the many faces that are benefiting from all that you have given. 
I will show you that the gift of Hope, Love and Support is well received, needed, wanted and the faces that it goes to. 
I will show you that we are more than a color, but a body that has a heartbeat, a family and a need. 
I will show you that we are not quitters but fighters enduring the naysayers and critics, and those that doubt what we do. 
I will show you that it is appreciated. 

For those that have donated, I applaud you for your ongoing and continued support of my efforts. 
Please know that I won't let you down. 
I walk not for myself, but each of us so that we no longer have to fear hearing those dreaded words - You have Breast Cancer! 
Although you may not be walking alongside me, your spirit will be there in my heart, your letters, your messages, your pictures and all the names that you have shared with me. 
I will walk in the spirit of love, support, sisterhood and family bound together in this effort. 
I appreciate the support, encouragement and words of motivation. 
I will not falter!! 


I CARE ENOUGH!!, Click this link to donate

 These are some of the many faces of those that forging ahead through a diagnosis!

If you want to leave a comment or a name, please do. 

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