Monday, October 21, 2013

Reflections from 2013

Today I sit and quietly reflect on yet another amazing experience.
With HIS grace we made it and this time sally and I were together every step of the way.  We shared laughs, tears, hugs and a wonderful experience that can't be put into words. This year it was different in so many ways.  I brought along a new guest, Flat Tonya and met so many people, reconnected with those from prior walks and face book chats and groups. To so many new walkers that came and we're proud to have met me, sought me out from the packing workshop I hosted was very overwhelming.  I made a joke with Sally that not only are my 3 Day initials EB, but we can add SB to that as well.
This year I was very much the social butterfly.  Who knew I had it in me!
I got to see my friends that are new survivors, walk it out with their loved ones and support teams.
I got to enjoy as each made their milestone journey, cry their tears of joy and fight through the pain of what their bodies were experiencing.
There aren't enough words to completely or thoroughly explain the event.
You have to be a part of it to truly know it to its fullest capacity.
We danced, walked, laughed, cried, limped, ate and slept together as one.
No one is alone on this journey and its proven every single time we gather in each and every city.  Each city gains more momentum than the last and the funds we raise steadily increase.  At no time can we ever accomplish any of this with out the help and support of those around us.
The community came out in support of us ten-fold.  they sat and waited for us to arrive and motivated us forward.  they provided all that we needed to move on to conquer the next few miles.  From the Atlanta Komen Affiliate to the local girl scouts and those individuals out in front of their homes.  We appreciate each and every one!!
The day of rain didn't stop us, slowed us down a little but we did it just the same.  So many yellow, green white and yes, PINK ponchos and umbrellas traveling through the streets of Atlanta on a chilly and dreary Saturday!!
The rays of sun, shining brightly as the sun rose on Sunday gave light on our paths.  We were greeted by the sororities of sorority row by those ladies on GT.  they had just as much energy as we did and it showed with cheers and inspiration.  The day just continued to get better as it went on.  We helped each other to accomplish the difficulties and tackle the hills/hurdles.  We had the best support of the Moto Crew and Safety Crew all along the route.  They held the traffic at bay and danced away the aches as we maneuvered through traffic.  All in all, this year was almost as great as the first but....
So many of us put our bodies through a physical ordeal unlike others but no where no those of survivors and those diagnosed.  We do it because don't want this monster to endure or continue to exist.  Blisters, cramps, sprains nor rain are anything in comparison to what fighters go through.  Foe you we can and we do.  We won't stop until the monster ceases to exist.  that is a promise that you believe in, it is our commitment. So just for today if not another, I want to enjoy and relish in this feeling of success, accomplishment and that of conqueror!!
I did it! Yes indeed, I DID IT!!!

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