Wednesday, October 2, 2013

I Care!

You don't have to be rich, a superhero, a celebrity or a woman.
All you have to do is be you.
That's what I do - I care.
I care about those women that are devastated to learn they have a diagnosis.
I care about those families that are torn between a prescription and a meal.
I care about those young women that wonder if they'll be able to have a family.
I care about those women that wonder if there is a man that will want them.
I care about those children that worry and fret over their parents conditions.
I care about those that pray over the loved one who is in treatment.
I care about those that are concerned about their self image and how it will be perceived in public.
I care enough to help in any way that I can.
If that means I need to walk in multiple events to raise awareness, funds, to show that there is a need so be it.
If that means that I need to get up when I really don't want to to train so my body is prepared, so be it.
If that means that I need to make a few donations myself to support another walker or myself, so be it.
If that means that I host an event wherein 2 people show up but get some much needed information, then so be it.
If that means that I have to ask and ask and ask some more, then so be it.
I care enough not to quit, ignore, forget or give up!!
I care enough about you, your sister, mother, daughter, niece, aunt, grandmother, unborn child, friends and families not to quit, ignore, forget or give up!!!
I care enough about you and myself to remind you to check the girls, schedule and keep your mammogram appointment.
I care enough about this fight to get my ASS up and Do something.
I care enough to walk until I'm too exhausted to take another step, and do it anyway.
I care enough to continue until there is A Cure!
I care enough because,
I am My sister's Keeper! 

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