Monday, August 12, 2013

$5 Worthy!!

I had this wonderful of idea of an easy and thought to be very successful fundraiser.
I mean what could be easier than offering a shopping pass to MACY*S for just $5.
Silly me - no such luck. I know that times are hard for many of us out here, but we find a way.
I mean am I wrong in my thinking?
I know that everyone doesn't feel the same way I do about breast cancer, but the number of people that reach out to me about my efforts in this fight far surpasses the number that don't.
I think what I have the most difficulty is that there is truly no one that wants to shop to support breast cancer. The pass that I'm offering gives an individual the chance to get things for themselves or others and help us at the same time.
The truth of the matter is people would rather dance, party, sit beside a loved one that gets the dreaded call or whatever they do for fun.
Can anyone tell me if $5 is too much to ask, to give support another soul that is going through HELL?
I just need an answer.
This is my largest fundraiser and the least cost.
So I will be out on August 24th in Kennesaw at Towne Center with a booth set up with other charities at
My hope is that you'll get a savings pass, come out to shop, meet me and share your story.  Comment to get yours and your tax deduction.  Ask me how and I'll happily respond.
For me, its all about the people behind the story.
I listen, I cry, I support, I feel, I walk and damn near crawl because I believe in the best of outcomes.
I don't see life through rose colored glasses, I see the glass as half full.
I admit, I've come close to giving up, say the HELL with it all.
I have had thoughts that no one listens, cares or wants to even talk about it.
I've had the internal and external battles with others and myself.
At the end of the day, I know that I just can't no matter how difficult it is at times.
there are far too many that do depend on me and what I do to stop.
So, I day NO!!
I'm not giving up, I'm not going away.
I'm fighting each and every single day!
I'm fighting for you, myself and every woman out there.

I AM My Sister's Keeper

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