Monday, July 29, 2013

ADD at Full Steam - Uh Oh!!

Pushing and pulling this way and that way. 
Which way do I turn, which direction am I headed?
That's how it is each and every day in the mind of an individual such as I. 
I have my hands stretched out reaching far and wide in so many places. 
It is beginning to sink in that I may be doing too much.  Ha, as if that means anything.
The sad part is I can't help myself, being actively engaged is what helps to keep me sane.  
So don't judge me, join me. :) 
It may be time for me to set back and alleviate some items off my plate. 
I have a few things going on and no they're aren't all connected to breast cancer. 
I enjoy helping others in the community and especially our children that in dire need of as much as they can get. 
I came up with this bright idea and thought if nothing else adults/parents would grab it  and run with it.
As an educator I know there is an issue with reading.  I'm working on trying to help the children get a head start or at least build on what they have.  So to help move it forward, I'm holding a Reading Day Marathon on 9/28/13.  I hope that many people share it, come out and join in and get some free books to boot.
I'm sharing a fun workshop to raise awareness Bra Painting.  A fun variation that does focus on the breast but with some levity. That workshop is on 8/10/13.
Of course I'm encouraging Healthy Breast and Awareness with everyone that is in eye shot of a screen.  Trying to provide information, videos, and a forum where you can be better informed about your breast health.
On 8/14 we'll have out bi-monthly Pretty Is PINK WebTV broadcast on The Arts Reporter,The Arts Reporter I'm excited to hear the great stories from the survivors that are being BOLD enough to help others with their story.
We can't forget the chance to experience the walk of your life if you've never done it before. In July there was the I Got This virtual walk/run now, for August we have Breast Foot Forward virtual walk/run.  This is your way to Get Up, Get Out and Get Moving for your own breast and overall health.  You can walk as much and as far as you can over 45 days.  Get some great prizes, incentives and a medal for your efforts.
As you can see there is A LOT going on and there's still items that I didn't mention.  I'm so busy trying to share and get people involved it can be overwhelming, for you and I.  If you see something that you want to be a part of great, if you just want to share that is fantastic.  Support comes in so many ways that aren't just monetary - Time is the most valuable commodity that we have.  I'm encouraging you to put it to good use that makes you feel good about your time usage.
This is a year of change and I'm excited about it. 
I'm even more excited because you chose to be a part of it.

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