Sunday, July 21, 2013

STRUT with Purpose!!

Our purpose is destined by HIS will. 
HE provides the guidance and the message, all we have to do is listen to it and then follow through. 
Do we encounter obstacles - definitely.
Do we get deterred  absolutely. 
Do we succeed? 
Only you have the answer to that question as you're the one that knows if you've heeded what you've been shown or told. 
Tonight, I has such an amazing time.  Being acknowledged for what I do in the realm in which its done, who would've thought... Surrounded by women from everywhere and all walks of life taking care of business.  I had the honor of being among several award
recipients of the STRUT award.  Each overcame obstacles in life that allowed her to be stronger, better and determined to succeed.  this room was filled with an overwhelming abundance of life and career experiences.  There were educators, businesswomen, poets, songstresses, performers, mothers, daughters, sisters and friends.  Tonight we surrounded one another in love, support and understanding.  No person encounters life's journey alone.  Each of us walk with confidence, competence and conviction - we STRUT!! 
We have the opportunity to share with one another and our daughters that nothing is impossible.  I'm very glad that my daughter was in the presence of such women and able to see firsthand that women are getting it done no matter what is placed before them.  
I had the pleasure of meeting and hearing an amazing woman amongst many that shared her story of accepting her gift of restoration through HIM with alopecia.  Many women have it and yet aren't public about it for a multitude of reasons, yet Faith, has embraced it.  We met for the first time tonight and it was so beautiful to see what others see looking back at me.  Further proof that beauty and purpose are defined by our hair or exterior, it's the beauty that we possess withing that exudes outward that exceeds far beyond hair.   This experiences showed each of us that someone, somewhere is always watching.  I'm happy to give you something to see that inspires you. 
This experience has shown me that women can bond together using our commonalities and not the differences that separate us.  As a united front, there isn't anything that can't be achieved once we put our minds together.  Dr. Darcova Triplett proved it, as she brought all these women together.  She saw in each of us the passion that is the driving force in all that we do. 
So, I encourage each of you to STRUT!!! Regardless of what you do, walk in Confidence, Competence and with conviction.  Nothing can stop you if it is destined to be, not divorce, abuse, arrest, children or a diagnosis.  Believe in yourself, have faith and determination - you will succeed. 

I am My Sister's Keeper

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