Monday, April 22, 2013

Shopping with a Purpose

I may have mentioned this previously but I've started an independent business via Stella & Dot.
I'm excited that since the launch in November, it's been going well thus far.
Of course I have large plans for my business as I hope it allows me to become self sufficient and independent from a traditional source of employment.
I love watching women try on the jewelry and get excited when they see pieces they MUST have.
I started this business for another reason to support my passion of advocacy and supporting this fight against Breast Cancer.  I get to work as much or little as I like, I determine how much I earn and I set my own hours.  Isn't that what we all want, sure do!
The business works by having a get together with friends and allowing them to share in the joys of comfortable and private shopping as they catch with their friends and have a good time together.
At the shows, I share my purpose and invite them to make a gift to another that is fighting or request a show to support the effort.
Great for Mother's Day
That means that I will donate a percentage or all of my commission of their trunk show towards my fundraising efforts. Many people that I ask or anyone ask to donate usually would like to receive something in return for their donation.  By doing it this way, they get some great accessories and know that they are helping me to reach my goal, thus donating to the fight.  How cool is that!  The bonus is they don't have to wait until October to get caught up in the excitement or to make a difference.
So I'm inviting you to reach out to me for information to have your own show, earn up to $250 in free jewelry/accessories or make a purchase.
Doesn't this sound exciting.  Great time to do it as the weather is warming up, people are going to be more flexible in their attire and it's an opportunity to share your fashion sense.
There are pictures some of the pieces we have and 1/2 the line is under $50 and great promotions every single month.  I'm having a ball meeting new people and making connections that develop into relationships.
Let me know if you'd like to do this with your friends and support my efforts.  fighting against Breast Cancer is what I do and I'm all about finding a way out of no way to make it happen.  Let's get together and have some fun!
Lower budget, all under $30 

New addition to our accessories, Totes to go

Aren't they lovely, even better in person. I know Mother's Day is around the corner, Teacher Appreciation Day, graduation,anniversaries and of course birthdays.  Don't delay - take a look at my website Love to Shop,
give me a call or send me a message .  I come to where you are and together we make it happen. 
What can I say, WOW under $5

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  1. Stella & Dot is doing it again!!!
    Great chance to win a $500 shopping spree,