Friday, April 12, 2013

My Story

For some reason I thought I shared this a very long time ago, but to my surprise I don't see it.
I apologize in advance if this is a repeat posting.
But I feel it is needed because people want to know.
There are many that ask and want to know why am I on this journey  so here it is -

I will start by stating I have been fortunate to have not received a diagnosis thus far.
I have always been interested in BC from my youth and as I got older the passion became stronger. I know too many women personally that have been touched by a diagnosis and my godmother was first. From there it has just snow-balled in terms of me learning of so many others that have been touched. Each week, month I learn of others.
I don't understand why there isn't a cure, but am determined to do all that I can to raise awareness to communities, women and families. If we are proactive, maybe we can prevent some from being diagnosed.
I know the conversations need to take place so families can share the history and not be afraid by keeping it private as "we" have a history of doing.
I fight so that we can stop this disease in its track and keep other families from suffering in silence, fear, shame and alone. Since I began this journey in 2010 through 2013 I have had the honor of being selected as an ambassador for SGK.  In 2010 and 2012 I had the honor of being a flag bearer during opening ceremony.
  For this year 2013, I anticipate great things to continue to happen.
Each time I hear of another passing or being diagnosed, it tears at my heart and yes, I cry for them as well.
This journey has been given to me and passion has grown once HE realized I was ready to carry it where it needs to go.
I care about issues that impact women.
I began meeting more individuals that were in education and that I knew personally and just from a distance that  diagnosis as well and I knew that this is what I was supposed to be doing. Since that fateful day in 2009 I know 8 additional women that have gotten diagnosed and 4 that have passed on.  So I know the stats of 1 in 8 women are off as more than 8 in 4 years have been diagnosed.

I fight so that we can stop this disease in its track and keep other families from suffering in silence, fear, shame and alone.
I started my blog to allow others to view at their leisure what they may not want to face initially.  It gives them the opportunity to read, share and be a part of this journey in their own way and possibly connect as they realize there is someone out there fighting and advocating for them.   My book, Notes Along My Journey was written based on my experiences and connections along my journey.  It was another way for me to reach out and share the experience with others.

Each person needs to know that they are not alone and words are things that you never forget and their impact can be profound.  This disease doesn't stop and I won't stop fighting.
In essence, this is my story. I hope you are inspired to donate for someone you love.

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