Friday, April 5, 2013


Many of us are in mourning over the passing of a very special and important fighter - Bridget Spence.
I'm sure that many wonder what about has impacted so many that have known her and those that may have just heard of her.  She has been and will continue to be an inspiration to others.  It doesn't matter if they are fighting, completed their fight, or are in the midst of recovery.
although she received her diagnosis very early and had been given a short life span, she fought diligently while she lived her life to the fullest.  She accomplished so many things that every woman wants to accomplish, get married and find a partner that will love you unconditionally.  She was Blessed to have found a man that was willing to take on this journey and love his partner.  He too was a dedicated man that loved Bridget tirelessly and whole heartedly.
She inspires other young and not so young to keep fighting.
She is a reminder to never give up.
She inspires others to believe, fight, have faith and to endure.
She is proof that we can overcome most odds that come with a diagnosis.
I hope she inspires you to support walkers, loved ones and strangers that are on this journey.
I hope she inspires you to have those conversations with your families, doctors and strangers.
the more we share the experiences, the more knowledge becomes available.
I hope you are inspired today, tomorrow and as each day goes by.
I want your inspiration to be a driving force to donate, support, walk and talk about what we do - fight to Find A Cure.
I want you to have a moment of silence to acknowledge the lives of those you know and love that have been lost to this fight, today, yesterday, 10 years ago.  They all may be gone but they will NEVER be forgotten.
Be inspired today and each day as we continue to have the Blessing of being here.

I am My Sister's Keeper

I will ask you if you want to donate, any and all amounts are definitely welcomed.  $29 to acknowledge the age of our young angel is welcomed as well.

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