Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Eternal Peace

Tonight is a sorrow filled one.  We are in the midst of losing a fighter that is too young to be going home.  She has touched so many lives in her very young life.  She has fought long and hard and beat many odds placed before her. Those of us that knew her and those that didn't have the chance to meet her are all in mourning and asking for prayers.
Prayers for her husband Big Man and their families to get them through this very emotional time.
Prayers for families that unknown but going through this very same sadness and emotionally filled time.
We walk on in your name and honor with pride. 
You have been and will continue to be an inspiration to so many far beyond what you could have thought possible. Your life's purpose has been far beyond what you ever thought it to be because you have been called on to do the unimaginable.
We love you dearly and will NOT forget you.
We will carry your message and your story as we walk, fund raise and share stories.
We will hold you close in prayer and in our hearts.
Move forward peacefully and just know there will be no more pain, suffering, tears  or treatments.
You have broken down doors and barriers for many young women today and those yet to be.
Patience, endurance and with grace you have endured and taken this journey farther than ever thought possible.
Rest peacefully tonight and forever more,

We love you eternally, Bridgett Spence

I am My Sister's Keeper


  1. I'm new to the pink Family. I don't know Bridget but I have heard so many good things about her. I listened to her speeches. Bridget is an Inspiration to me. When I crew my first 3-day walk this year Bridget will be with us in Phoenix in Spirit our guradian angel. God Bless you Bridget. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. Carrie

  2. So many are waiting to welcome you with loving arms. May your Big Man and other family members be comforted knowing you will be at peace. Look down upon all of us knowing your all too short life was full of meaning and you touched so many lives. When our time comes to an end, we shall meet again. Until then, dear Brid, you will never be forgotten

  3. It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that I'm been informed that Bridget Spence received her Pink Angel Wings today...Please bow your head in a moment of silence as God opens up Heaven's Gates and His arms as He welcomes a fighter and tremendous breast cancer support and fellow 3 Day walker.
    It does provide peace of mind to know that she is no longer in pain, suffering. Sending hugs of prayers of love, support and strength to those that surround her and love her dearly.

  4. Today they laid Bridget to rest and she is finally at peace. I'm asking that you set aside 1 moment in your day to say a prayer for her transition home to HIM, her family that is grieving her departure and her friends that will keep her memory alive in well in spirit and presence.
    Read the blog post and please share a message of your own.

  5. ✿To Bridgets Family....

    GOD'S newest Angel will surely be missed here on EARTH. Having a LOVED ONE go back to be with the LORD is ALWAYS TOO SOON, ..I pray you and your family find comfort in your memories of Bridget. I also pray you feel peace knowing she is safe in HIS arms!