Sunday, March 3, 2013

Being Still

Thoughts just flow,
Ideas come and go. 
Images of what to do, how and when to be done and with whom.
Visualizations make some items a reality.
No on or off switch, just constant movement.
Flashes of light that move as fluid constant motion as your eyes blink through.
I sat down today and just spent time with me and my thoughts.
So busy and yet going nowhere, tired from all the activity of a quiet Sunday weekend.
Not so easy to just sit, to be still and have total solitude.
The constant activity is enough to drive me insane.
Thoughts are tumbling over one another to be seen to run their course.
A constant flurry of activity that overflow like a breach in the levy
Do I let it or do I allow my mind to keep moving?
To be quiet honest, don't think I could stop it if I wanted to.
And, yes there are days when I just want it all to grind to an immediate halt!
A quiet room is never truly quiet.
There is the soft hum of life taking place.
The quiet noise of the traffic from afar.
Quiet is never truly quiet as your mind is always at work.
When there is no sound, no movement, the wheels are no longer turning, be aware.
It is a sign of something amazing about to happen.
So as much as I long for the stillness, I don't want my mind to stop.
I just want it to be still, just for a minute.
Be still, just be still.

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