Saturday, February 16, 2013

You Matter!

The day of celebrating LOVE was on Thursday and we're still here.
All of us may not be in the same condition as before, but with HIS grace we get to see another day.
My prayers of comfort to those that gone home to a peaceful place.

Yes, I'm on a mission to get the much needed support for all those going through this crisis. I won't stop until Breast Cancer stops.
I can't save the world, but I can start with YOU!
I do it because every life matters, every $ counts. 

Please donate in honor of someone you know, love, miss and want to have a full life.

I started this year thinking I wasn't go  to do a lot of asking, but I can see that has changed.
I've redirected my energies to Raising Awareness, and some temperatures!!
So each and every day I'm going to run this message in the ground, because every day someone is being laid in the ground from the cancer or illnesses that stem from it.  Now is the time to stand up, stand strong and stand together.  The state, country you're in doesn't matter.  This disease touches each of us in a different way, but the IMPACT is the same - detrimental.
So, I'm okay with the frustration, anger and blocking some may feel to act upon.  But if I reach one, just one person than I've accomplished my mission. 
I will continue until that happens each and every day up to and through the year 2013 !!

I walk for you, each and every woman and family out there.

Thank you,

I am My Sister's Keeper


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