Sunday, February 17, 2013


I'm not a person that is a member of a parish or attends a place of worship.  I have some difficulties in the concept of only being able to receive and share the word, spirit and the message in a designated place.  I encourage those that do to continue to do what works for them.
People attend mass for a variety of reason and for many it is the sense of fellowship and being surrounded by others -  as it may very well be the only time they are.  
Today, while speaking with a friend that is ill, she stated how she was very upset that she couldn't make it worship services.   Following medical advice is vital in her condition and to ensure a healthy recovery. Anyway, by the time we were done, she'd gotten the message that was intended for her to have today and the fellowship she was missing- from me.  No, we weren't in the same place, both were in our separate homes separated by miles. We spoke of her current situation, being ill and that was pretty much it.  Yet, in the midst of those words, there was a message that she was open to receive and she let me know that she got what she needed.  The words are the words, its the delivery at the time that they are needed as well as the fellowship from the person giving them to you. 
I'm not claiming to be anything other than myself.  I do claim that we can find the message that HE is providing to us if we are open and ready to receive it.  He does things in many ways, we just have to be ready when it happens. 

I spend a lot of time on my computer and speak with others in this form in addition to personal face to face interactions.  I often find that they aren't ready to hear what I bring forth.  It took me a long time to realize but most importantly accept that I wasn't the one to make them ready.  I was just bringing the message and being given the opportunity to have fellowship with others to receive HIS word.  I have and continue to meet so many wonderful people.  Each person is able to give me something and I them.  Each time there is a connection, exchange or a smile it is a beautiful moment.   I'm destined to achieve and fulfill my mission because I believe in it.  Even though I will be stepping away, things are being put in place to happen without my actual participation.  He has seen to it that others prepare to be open and ready.
As you're getting those prayers in worship services in, please remember those that are going through it. Some of them are in the pew next to you. Yes, I'm on a mission to get the much needed support for all those going through this crisis. I won't stop until Breast Cancer stops. I can't save the world, but I can start with YOU! Because every life matters, every $ counts, every set of breast matter big and small. 
I hope that I can continue to provide you enough messages to fed your thirst even when I step away. I hope that you'll return, share it with others and let me know what you think with comments
No day is promised to any of us, so let's enjoy and make each one count! 
 I am My Sister's Keeper

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  1. What an absolute blessing! God uses each of us in His own way. Thank you sis for your obedience!