Wednesday, February 20, 2013


I hope that this finds you in the best of health and good spirits.
I'm in the throes of having a break away period. 
Just so many things going on it can be overwhelming. I recently had a dispute with a person that happens to be a survivor and my efforts.  For someone reason she interpreted as though I was promoting grief and sorrow and not supporting proactive measures, supporting those that overcome their diagnosis and those currently fighting. 
No matter how I explained it it just wasn't getting through.
It turns out that she too is passionate about her practices and methodology.  I'm not knocking, critiquing anyone's methods or the manner in which they fight this. 
My question is this - Why can't each of us perform our passionate practices in the manner that suits us.  Why does one have to be better than another?
That engagement was so draining and exhaustive that it made me question what I'm doing and how I'm going about it.
I guess my impending break away is perfectly timed. 
Fighting battles is part of this journey, but dang!
I'm so tired of fighting what I would consider a colleague and so many others on this journey.
Everyone wants the same thing in the end - an end to this monster.

I'm staying focused on my mission and I'm hoping that as you follow and read my posts you will share the information with others. 
My hope is that you will be inspired to encourage others to participate, donate, walk and check themselves.
My hope is that you support one another as you move forward on your journey.
My hope is that we join forces and make an IMPACT.
Yes, I'm on a mission to get the much needed support for all those going through this crisis. I won't stop until Breast Cancer stops. I can't save the world, but I can start with YOU! Because every life matters, every $ counts. Please donate in honor of someone you know -

We have a few days remaining in this month of historical celebrations.  Help to make it a historical one with the amount of donations that come in. 
Would you do it for a loved one? 
Would you do it for yourself? 
Would you do it because I'm asking you to? 

I would!

I am My Sister's Keeper 

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