Sunday, February 10, 2013

Love & Support

Happy Sunday Everyone!! 

This is the season of love and romance for many people.  When we look at those that have experienced several traumatic events we start to review our priorities and what is really important.  Although there are many that still enjoy this season of celebrating their love others don't feel the same way.  My thoughts on this is that if you've survived a traumatic journey especially this monstrous fight every day is a reason to celebrate the love that surrounds you.  The support that is provided to the fighter and the family is priceless.  It comes at the beginning, throughout and I can only hope that it is ongoing.  That support is the framework which will hold them up even in the darkest moments.  So many people are left alone out of concern for privacy or fear of not knowing what to say.  Often times, a person just wants company, the ability to vent all their fears, anger, disillusionment and so much more.
Expressing your love for your partner, friend family member is crucial because their self-esteem and self worth are being challenged. Each person responds differently to crisis and they need to be allowed the time to do that.  How it impacts those around them is another story.
they want to be treated the same or better than they were prior to a diagnosis.  I have found this out the hard way.  We are experiencing a personal crisis in my family so I need to direct my attention there.  Show you love to those important to you all the time, more than you have and as best that you can. it means a lot and it will be cherished even if they aren't able to show it right now or when you want them to.
Although this fight is daily and ongoing and I'm in it to the end, I will be taking a break. At the closing of this month, I will be away for a little while. I put my all into this journey for everyone and I need to step away for a minute. I thought I'd let you know now instead of waiting until the last minute. I'm not leaving or giving up. I just need to tend to some personal items and assess some items. I encourage to post, support and check even though I'm not here cheering you on. I will return before you can blink. Talk with your loved ones, support them and be there, once they're gone you can't get them back. ♥ you all for being you!!

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