Sunday, January 27, 2013

Open Invitation!!

You're Invited!!!
I'm inviting each of you to this great event, fight and cause. Each person here knows at least 1 woman/family that is impacted by Breast Cancer.  Look at those in your parish, temple, church and pew. Take an even closer look at those you speak and interact with every single day.                        We are raising awareness one step at a time to give another a lifetime beyond a Breast Cancer diagnosis.
We want to save 1 woman and many women from a diagnosis and those that are fighting to live. I'm walking but I need your donations. So, to help encourage you I'm going to make it interesting. Every donation of $20 or more before 1/31 will receive a Breast Cancer Awareness gift sent personally from me!! is my personal page where you can give your tax deductible gift of support and ♥.
This map represents each and every one of us and where we live.                                                            This map represents every place where a person has been diagnosed or passed on from this monster called Breast Cancer.                                                                                                                            This map represents each place where a family's life has been forever changed.                               This map represents the coming together as a United Nation in this fight one step at a time!
Invite your friends both locally and afar to help get this map colored. A few moments and dollars today can help prevent the loss of breasts, friends, employment, and life. You have the ability to change a life!

Thank you for reading.
I am My Sister's Keeper

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