Sunday, January 20, 2013


Today I got a wonderful surprise!
I got a visit from a wonderful person in my life that is a sister, a friend and a survivor!
She drove a long way to see me and it was wonderful.
 We shared some memories and I met a very good friend of hers and she had a moment.  I didn't realize that she's  
lost her mother to ovarian cancer and when saw the PIM Tees, she broke down.  It was an emotional moment of sharing her story.  She became encouraged and driven to want to do something in her town. So I'm looking forward to having as part of the team and exposing me and her community to awareness.
I'm reinvigorated about this journey and very excited!!  Hickory, NC look out because we're bringing Breast Cancer Awareness to you!

 A fellow walker shared a great item to implement as a fundraiser that is very simple and just takes a little inspiration. I hope that it catches the eye and hearts of others and inspires them to take part in it.  We want to put this fight out there in the eye of the public across the nation and this is a great way to do it.  I hope you will as well.

Each state will go PINK once the challenge is met. This is a great opportunity for each person to be a part of this fight and help the girls Stand Up.

I can't wait to see this map turned PINK from all the support that you're willing to provide.

I am My Sister's Keeper 


  1. Feel free to leave a comment. I want to know what you think about my post and this fight.

  2. I want to "thank you" for your tireless fight for the cause. At times, it can be overwhelming but knowing that there wonderful people, such as yourself who continue to strive for a cause to wipe out this disease, keeps me fighting as well. Thank you so much. :-)

  3. Even though there isn't a face or a name, I know you. You are every person I walk for in this fight. I appreciate your comment and it will continue to inspire and motivate me to forge ahead. together we are stronger and we WILL win!!!