Saturday, December 29, 2012

I Salute You

Whoo Hooo!!!
We made it through another year that has been filled with many life changing events.
Some things have better or worse than others and we have come through them.
the most important thing to remember is that we are still here and forging ahead.
We are fighting and supporting one another in all that we experience.
As we look ahead at 2013, what do you want to see and do?
I don't mean make a resolution as most people don't adhere or complete those anyway. 
Just sit down make a plan and set some goals that you can achieve successfully.
Feel good about yourself and all that you do.
When we look back at our lives, isn't that what's most important!
Knowing that you are living a life that is fulfilled by what makes you happiest and brings the most peace into your life and those around you. 

I have met so many wonderful, strong and courageous women this year that all I can do is step back and applaud each of them.  The accomplishments that each of they have made in their lives is remarkable.  Each of these women are living proof that having breast cancer isn't a death sentence, its an eye opening relinquishment of barriers. I say this to express the freedom that they now feel towards how they live their lives.  They are no longer holding themselves back for what they want, reserving and putting off what they want to achieve and do.  These women are free to share their thoughts, feelings, self expressions, enjoyment and pain.  They have been through a very traumatic life altering experience and refuse to deny themselves the joys of living.
I SALUTE each of you!!!
No matter the route your journey has taken you, each of you have had the resolve, the will and the courage to take back your life and do it up your way!!
 Words for 2013 -
Wishing each and every one of you a Blessed, prosperous and self fulfilling Happy New Year!!
Don't give up the fight, your strength, courage and power.
It has brought you this far and will continue to take you along the path your journey takes.

I am My Sister's Keeper!!

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