Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Survivor's Choice

I've been sick for just about a week and have recently ventured out the bed and off the couch, eaten solid foods and reconnect with the world.
As I began visiting my friends on FB, checking on all that I'd missed, I came across this posting that has upset many. They  are upset with the news not so much the content.
I found the piece to be very beautiful in its essence.
Right Place Right Time, is written by Bridget Spence.  This piece is a brief synopsis of her journey as she tells her story and the choices that she's made throughout.  She talks about the many friends and family that have supported her and the milestones that she's accomplished through love, support, faith, strength and determination.
For me, the piece had the opposite affect than it did others.
I don't know Bridget personally or think we've walked together in the 3 Day Events.  But I know her, because she too is fighting this fight and so many others.  I wanted her to know that I support her in this decision as well as so many people have supported her other choices.  I think my perspective is different as I'm not fighting Breast Cancer. 
So I decided to send her a message.

Good afternoon Bridget,
Although I don't think we've ever met, I'm a part of the 3 Day family.
I'm not a survivor, a thriver or currently fighting for myself.
What I am is an avid supporter, walker, advocate, friend and educator to and for those that have been touched by this monster.
there are so many that are saddened by your choice to be free and asking to do so.
I haven't walked in your shoes or those of our sister friends.
I commend you for fighting, thriving and making it happen.
I commend you for deciding to enjoy the time that you have the way you want to.
I commend you for continuing to STAND UP to the cancer and sharing your decision to do so.
You have touched and inspired many along the way throughout your journey and even more today with your post.
Even though you may feel physically weak from the difficulties you're currently experiencing, you are so much stronger.
I've seen that in this fight, it's not about physical strength but your emotional strength, attitude, and perspective. You are still giving others what is needed to pursue their fight and the courage to do it their way despite the naysayers.
There a great deal of women that love you, support you and I respect you.
I can see that you will be missed whenever it is that HE brings you home to HIS kingdom, but you are going to leave a legacy.
This legacy will refute any possibility of you being forgotten by those that know and love you.
Enjoy your time with the BIG MAN as I'm sure he will.
Continue to make precious memories that will always be remembered and treasured long past your home going party.
Peace, Blessings and much comfort to you and your family as you continue to travel your journey your way!
Nichelle Fox

I encourage you to read it and be touched in yet a another way.
Post your thoughts, comments or views on Bridget and her decision. She can use all the support that we can possibly provide at this time.

I am My Sister's Keeper

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