Monday, December 31, 2012

Reflections of 2012

As we bring this year to a close, many of spend time reflecting on the year and what it contained.
Many of us have many happy point as well as those that bring sadness.
2012 was a year filled with many of both.
We've made new friends and lost some.
Changed careers, started new business and become unemployed.
Added new family members and lost some.
We've earned new survivors and gained many new angels from life's diseases and challenges. 
Regardless of our situation, we have many reasons that we are Blessed.
Primarily that you're able to read this post, hug your loved ones, be able to eat, walk around our homes and feel love. So as you take this into account, do one more thing to help other appreciate the Blessings that they may not be able to see because they are focusing on the negativity that is in all our lives at some point.
Wishing each of you continued Blessings and Happiness as we enter 2013!
Happy New Year!
 I'm asking that as you reflect back on the year and make your plans for the new year, share with us one memory that stands out most for you.
Share with us by commenting, what is your outstanding memory?

I am still My Sister's Keeper

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