Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Thank you

To my friends, my partner, PINK sister/friend & family, business patrons, businesses, entrepreneurs, coworkers, colleagues and friends in entertainment have been very kind in lending their support to me and my efforts in any way that they can. 
Amazingly this list has gotten so long it would take a while for me to list, but stay tuned and I will do that. Each day as it gets closer to this journey,
I'm continued to be amazed, surprised and humbled by the out pour that is just done instinctively w/o my request. Each act is a BLESSING. I truly appreciate each and every single bit of it all through my heart. I'm a very emotional woman and this has really touched me. It tells me that you believe in me and what I'm doing. I hope that I continue to inspire, motivate, encourage, support and most importantly help each of you, others and those yet to come and not disappoint you. 
Thank you so much!!!

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