Monday, October 1, 2012

Day 1

Today is Day 1 of the beginning of the month that acknowledges Breast Cancer.
We want to celebrate various women that have survived or passed on from a diagnosis each day of this month.
Each woman has a different response to their diagnosis and the treatment that is identified for them.
Every time a person receives a diagnosis a family is in turmoil.
Breast Cancer impacts so many more people than just that woman.
It impacts her family, friends and those that are close to her.
Not just because of the diagnosis but the reality of how close it really is.
Women you see each day could be a woman that has a diagnosis that is just holding it to herself.
She doesn't want to see the pity in your eyes of what she must be going through.
You don't want her to see the relief that it isn't you.
I ask each of you to  check yourselves and learn to know how your breasts feel.
We owe it to ourselves to know ourselves inside and out.
I want to engage you in a dialogue and this is a great way to do it. 
I encourage you to post the name of a woman that has made this journey or is currently on it.
We want to celebrate her and her story.
Please remember, Breast Cancer doesn't discriminate or isolate.
I won't stop until it does or my body does.

I am My Sister's Keeper

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