Sunday, September 30, 2012

Moving Forward

We are headed into the month of Awareness and I hope you're ready!!!
Great things have been taking place in the research of a cure and various treatments.
Things from clinical trials, holistic forms of treatment and natural remedies.
Keep in mind different things work for different people.
We are not in the business of judging how people prefer to treat themselves if at all.
We are in the business of supporting them along their journey.
Today will be the introduction the Campaign of Positivity!
For the month of October, as we raise awareness, we are going to promote positivity in all forms, aspects, shapes and venues.
So I want you to stay with us, post your comments, updates, news and positive messages.
If you know a survivor, thriver, angel or fighter - post something positive for or about them here.
Each day will be titled with a number so you can stay on track as you follow and post.
We encourage you all to do your self breast check exams, schedule your mammogram for 2012 or be proactive and schedule for 2013. 
An easy way to remember to check is before or after your monthly cycle.
If that doesn't work for you - pick a date on the calendar and set it as an appointment.
Early detection is the best preventative measures you can take for yourself.

On October 19th I'll begin the journey of walking 60 Miles to Find A Cure.
I appreciate, need and welcome all the support that you have given and hope that it continues as I do until there is A Cure!
You can always share this with everyone and all whom you know.
No one ever pays attention until it's knocking on a door too close to yours.
for each of you I wish the same as myself.  To stay Blessed, healthy,and surrounded by love.

I am My Sister's Keeper

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