Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sadness and Joy

I was truly hoping and praying that we'd get through the month w/o another diagnosis. Sadly that isn't to be.  Please send up some prayers of positivity for a woman diagnosed just yesterday.  Each woman that does, did or will receive a diagnosis and you is the reason for the raffles.   
Ladies, I can't stress it enough get your mammograms and check yourselves.  I know I have a lot of things taking place both on line and physically to raise awareness and funds.  Yet, it isn't happening to me nor is it for me.   This weekend I'm heading to South Carolina at the request of my Mom (godmother) to be a part of a community event, not for me but to help her increase awareness in the community of the numerous women there that are survivors and fighting to be so.  I can't encourage you all enough to take care of your breast health or to donate.  I can only do what I'm able to do - all that HE allows me to.  I can be the ear the listens to your story.  I will be the eyes that cry from the hurt and anguish you feel as you go travel your journey.  I know that my journey isn't in vain and that there is a purpose and a reason even if others don't understand it.  It isn't for me to sway you or convince you that my way, cause or fight is the right one, it is YOUR personal choice based on your personal experience or connection. 
All I can do is what HE allows me to. 
I ask, plead and forge ahead.  I know there are many that need to know even when they don't want to listen.  tonight a young woman call me a Warrior for others that which hasn't happened to me.   I smiled because I see each woman as a reflection of another that eventually leads back to me. I fight this fight because someone has to .  There are so many of us out here fighting it diligently and we're not giving up even when you feel like it.  We're here until... for each of you and one another.  We have to decided when is the time to Stand Up and use our voice.  
Make your choice sooner than later because it's never real until it touches home. 
I am My Sister's Keeper and I need your help, support and encouragement to help keep me going.  I'm here as long I can be because, all I can do is what HE allows me to. 
Please donate what you can to help me continue this fight to the top and walk those 60 Miles down the other side.   I know you too are My Sister's Keeper.   I Care

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