Sunday, October 7, 2012

For You

We are getting so very close to the October event. In just 11 days Atlanta will be totally pink for 3 days!!
There are many things that I want to tell you.
You are appreciated even if you haven't made a donation.
I appreciate your support by not blocking my emails and reading them to see what I'm up to as I continue forward on this journey.
I appreciate your time and circumstance.
This year has been more challenging in the fact that there have been so many diagnoses closer to home and my heart.  The ache is my heart continues to grow as the number of women diagnosed do. 
These amazing women that I have met are such inspirational individuals and each of their life changing stories have touched me in a place so deep that it keeps me determined to make this journey.  A journey that always bring  me to tears.
The experiences that these women and families have gone through are heart wrenching yet inspiring as they are able to live on in my memory if not in person.
I honor each woman with each step that I make in preparation  and during the events that I walk in.
there have been numerous supporters and donations from vendors and local businesses and supportive words of encouragement that wouldn't have been possible if I weren't on this journey. So don't, ever think this journey is in vain.
I want to thank you for all that you have done, thought about doing and want to do to support this journey, not for myself but for each of us and those yet to be.
I see you when you think no one is looking. 
I hear you when you think no one is listening.
I cry for you when you think no one cares.
I walk for you when you are weak and I stand beside you when you are strong.
I'm cheering for you every step along the way to give you strength, courage and energy as you make the steps on your journey.
Take the steps with strength courage and pride because you are a SURVIVOR!

Treasure all the moments you encounter on this journey, on the path that your life is now on.

Blessings to you,
I am My Sister's Keeper


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