Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Corporations Do Care!!

            Anyone that does any type of fundraising for a long period of time will be able to relate. We all go through moments of difficulty in fund raising and we often get discourage if not but for a couple days.  Sometimes we feel as though we may be pestering a potential donor because we continue to ask.  I'm here today to say that it does pay off!!! 
Monique Bell and Nichelle Fox
           If they don't say NO, keep at it because unless they block you, there is always the possibility.  I am living proof.  I ask, ask and continue to ask until someone tells me NO.  A couple weeks ago, I got a call from someone that I'd been asking and I felt as though they weren't interested.  I guess the timing was off or they were just distracted at that moment.  Well, it turns out that my neighbor was one that I'd been emailing repeatedly and her company was looking for an individual to donate to for their 1st quarter charitable donation.  Guess who she nominated? Me!!! Little did I know, that they'd started following me prior to the walk on face book, my 3 Day page, etc.  Medtech was checking out what I was doing in and for the community and they chose me!!   Today I went to get it the donation.
          Talk about a huge boost to my fund!!  Today, I went to the presentation at the MedTech Corporate offices here in GA.  I'm still on cloud 9!!!!  I learned more about the work behind the scenes for all the campuses they have and I was just super excited.  I had another opportunity to share information about my reasons for doing what I do in regard to advocating for women and their breast health.  Today I was the teacher out of the classroom and in the boardroom and the women took away some vital information.  They are even considering finding a way to participate and possibly host my next Bra Painting Party.  I was in my element and having the opportunity to engage so many women to be a part of a great experience, be involved in a great cause and have a positive impact. I would like nothing more than for them all at MedTech to join my walking team.  Everyone can't do the 3 Day 60 event, but they can improve their health by walking with me as I train for 2013 and so can you. 
Monique Bell of Med Tech
        Today was such a cool, unexpected and mind blowing turn of events. :) the women I met today are just some of the many faces of people that want to be involved in the community and what is important to them.  This is the first company that I'm aware of that doesn't charitable donation on a quarterly basis.  Great concept, as it allows for multiple organizations to benefit from their generosity.   We took a few photos and I will be returning with some awareness items for them to share with those they can.  I'm very appreciative of what has been given to me and can't express it enough.  When ever you think that you're not making a difference, just know that for someone you else you are and you don't even know it.  It made me so very proud to do what I do and know that others are cognizant of it and appreciate my efforts. 
So although the walk has ended here in Atlanta for 2012, I'm going to utilize their generous donation towards my walk in 2013!!! That gives me a huge lead and allows for others to join in as they can see what has been donated thus far.  I'm so excited for 2013 and all that is yet to come.
        So, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER give up.  KEEP doing what you're doing, because you just never know who is watching or following you.  Maintain your integrity, stay positive, respectful and it will be what you need it to be.  As you read this, I hope it will inspires you to donate, support, or help out in anyway that you can.  We can't do it alone nor do we want to.  It takes a village to stand up against an enemy in order to win the fight.  
 I am My Sister's Keeper, today and everyday that I can.

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