Saturday, October 27, 2012

Birthday Wishes

I always look forward to this day.   This was the best day that happened in October of that special year for both my parents!!  Look at what they made with the help of HIS hands!!
It doesn't matter how old I get or how I feel this is usually a very happy day for me.
Nope, I won't tell you my age, so don't ask me.
This year it has been a bit different.  I always look forward to my birthday, but something was very different...
I am beyond appreciative of all the support that has been shown to me on my life's mission this year and every one before and all those yet to come.  This year more than others, I've done a lot of reflecting and done a lot of repentance for my actions.  I can  honestly say that I'm happy where I am and in the person that I've become and continue to grow into.  I have learned to appreciate so much more about life and what it provides.  You can never please everyone and there is always bound to be disappointments, I just decided to do me.  I can't ever be more and being less is not acceptable.
I realized a long time ago that my list of friends is a whole lot shorter than I thought and I'm okay with that.
Yet today, when I visited fb I saw the numerous wishes for my B'Day and it made me shed a few.
So many people that I've met personally and others that I've just chatted with or done business with and all I can say is WOW!!  You can only imagine what it means when others remember the day you were brought into this world and the lives that you've touched in some way.
I spent my day in the best possible way, supporting other walkers and Survivors since I couldn't actually walk myself.  Talk about having fun, whew!!! I had a blast who knew how much it is to be a spectator, clearly I didn't!! I now have to spend the remainder of this weekend listening to my body as I'm no longer a spring chick, regardless of how I look or normally feel. :)
I appreciate all of you that took a moment from your day to think of me and let me know you were.  It means so much to me especially this year.

I'll be up an at'em soon enough.  For the first time, I'm ok with being on the sidelines.
Nothing is going to keep me down for too long.

I am My Sister's Keeper

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