Tuesday, October 23, 2012

We Did It!!!!

I had an amazing time this weekend!!!
I walked for 3 Days over 60 Miles with some of the best people I could ever hope to meet.
I was the only person on my team that walked, but I was far from alone.
I met so many new survivors, their friends, sisters, and supporters. 
We had a blast the entire weekend.
Even on the days when I walked by myself focused and determined to get to the next destination.
There were angels every where I looked and at each turn.
The communities came out in support of us and it was reflected in their presence by cheers, gifts on the route and just accepting us in their communities.
I shared the walk with new walkers and those that were having difficulty making the journey.
I shared the walk with Peanut Butta as her Momma couldn't make it.  Everyone in all 14 cities is taking her along with us.  She is becoming more famous that her Momma could have imagined.
I was interviewed by my fabulous media sponsor, The Arts Reporter, hostess Mimi Johnson.  That was awesome because she took the time to speak with other walkers until I arrived. 
There was so much love, support, acts of kindness and just humane caring for others even when you were the one hurting.  Everyone looking out for one another.
The PINK Family that walks in the Susan G. Komen 60 Mile journey is totally mind blowing.
We have the best crew that does everything both in front and behind the scenes.  Our safety crew ROCKED it out from dancing, singing and keeping us motivated with each step.

I know I became known as I was totally making it my purpose to enjoy the process and the smelling each and every rose, daffodil and others along the way. I didn't mind walking as a solo walker, it gave me so much time to reflect and appreciate the Blessings that have been bestowed upon me.  I missed my partner, Sally Poag, but I knew there were so many that were counting on me.
I made a difference in the lives of other walkers during this year's event and they so much as told me that I inspired them.  Mind you, I was the one walking around after Day 1 with ice bags and limping on Day 2.  I was in pain, but knew I had a job to do. 
Slow and steadily, I ROCKED it out and my hat was the hit of the entire walk.  Everyone wanted it from other walkers, to supporters along the route.  :)
Each year the walk is amazing, but this year was different.  I think it was because the tremendous amount of effort that went into getting there.
I can't thank my supporters enough for finding the money from anywhere they found it to donate to me.  I appreciate the fact that they believed in me and stood by me through it all.  It took me until know to find the words to put together and I'm still not satisfied with the results.  there aren't enough or the right words to express myself and what I'm feeling appropriately.
What I do know, is that until you actually experience this journey, you can't begin to fathom the emotional ride that you encounter.
Did I mention camp mail?  I got some!!! I couldn't even read it because I started tearing up.  I had to save it to read until Monday. 
I'm so happy and in awe of those that have gone above and beyond to do what they done to help me get through and to the closing ceremony.
I'm extremely proud to have made it through and not disappointed any one.

So excited to get started working on 2013!!!  Who's coming!

I am My Sister's Keeper

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