Sunday, September 2, 2012

I'm a Fighter

There are some days when I wonder if the response to me and my efforts would be different if I had been diagnosed.
How would be respond if the answer was Yes, I'm a survivor?
Why would it be any different than when I say No, I am not a survivor?
It seems as though people don't believe in the passion that I hold for this fight.
I enjoy talking about breast cancer if just one person becomes better informed.
I don't mind the questions, and all that goes with it.
I have gotten better at not holding another person's decision to refrain from donating personally.
I just wish others will open their eyes and take a look around.
I keep pushing for the opportunity to speak with a large group to see how many in the group will stand up as quiet survivors.  I say quiet because there are still so many that keep it to themselves.  No, I don't expect women to stand up and say I have breast cancer out of the blue.  but how many people that you interact with on a daily basis know that you're a survivor?
 As a walker, advocate, educator and supporter, so often we get to share our stories that talk about why we walk to fight BC.  My story is so different than those that I hear.
No, I haven't received a diagnosis.
No, to my knowledge there is no history.  Do keep in mind that isn't a relevant point.
I care about women's issues and this is a primary one.
I have had this interest since my youth and it has just grown continuously. 
While on this journey, I have grown so much as a person.
I've become very humbled by all those that I know, met and have known.
I've made some new new friends and lost a few.
I've cried so many tears for each of these women and families that have to endure this challenge.
I've learned so much about people.
I didn't ask for this passion, commitment and drive to care, it was decided that I should have it.
I wouldn't change a thing because that would mean changing the plan of being the person I'm destined to be. 
This is My Journey,
I am My Sister's Keeper and loving it!

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