Sunday, September 2, 2012


Happy Labor Day Weekend!!!

I have labored  and still am even as I write this post.
When you are tired and think there is nothing left, you are surprised by what HE is able to  show and give to you.   The strength to move ahead and make it through.
Who hasn't felt they were so tired, too tired to do another single thing and too tired of being sick and tired!  Can I get an AMEN!!

All we really need to do is stop, sit back and let it be.  He is guiding every move that we make including the mistakes.  sometimes we have to make those very mistakes to actually get the lesson HE is trying to teach us.  In order to receive, we have to be ready and open for the gift HE has in store.  It won't always be what we want, but what we need even when we don't realize it.
Yes, there are days when we don't think HE is listening, cares or is there for us, we've all had those days. Can I get an AMEN!!
He is there, just waiting until we can get off our pity train, refocus and redirect our attention where it needs to be.  He forgives our indiscretions and allows us to continue even when we don't follow or adhere to HIS guidance.  He is an understanding and loving LORD.  Can I get an AMEN!!

This post is an example of that, because I didn't start out with this in mind when I sat down to talk to you. He obviously had another plan for me today.
Open your heart, mind eyes and ears, HE is talking to you.

Stay Blessed,
I am My Sister's Keeper

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