Monday, August 27, 2012

Going Strong

I have to start by stating how AWESOME my weekend has been!!
BONUS***** It has carried over into Magical Monday!

Where do I start?
Well, I had a great meeting with a jewelry designer Sauhura of to make me some wonderful unique pieces.   I'm so beyond excited to see them.  they're not done yet and people are already asking me for some products.  I can't wait to get my hands on them all.
I returned to the Atlanta Food Truck Park and enjoyed myself.  The connections were and are ongoing. Whoo Hoo!!!
I went on to a celebratory party for my dear sister/friend Keva Hammond.  We had a great time and she and the support was just pouring out and all around for me.  the place was filled with love!  We are there for you Keva.
I was so estatic to see other survivors in the place and they too were celebrated as well.  They were beautiful in spirit and soul.  We had great food, company and she was showered with loving gifts for everyone.
Well, for those of you that don't know I'm hosting a PINK Auction! 
As soon as I have the flyer, I will be posting it so keep your eyes open and watch for it!
I had the pleasure of some many people offering up product items to be used at the auction.  The outpouring of support that has come from some many women and business has left my mouth on the floor. I'm so humbled by the support that is being given towards this event.  I finally found something that everyone wants to be a part of and are willing to state it publicly.  I have to just thank everyone here and will list each and every sponsor (that's what they're doing) and their business in detail.
So, you all need to stay tuned and be sure to participate because I KNOW there will be something there that you'll want to have. We are getting so many wonderful items from massage, to photo sessions and original artwork.  Talk about AWESOME!!!
When the time is right, HE provides all that you need.

I'm just had to share that with the world.

I usually sign off that I am My Sister's Keeper,
now I can say that My Sister's are Keeping Me.

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