Thursday, August 23, 2012


I'm PROUD and saying it LOUD!! 
I  am so honored to have the opportunity to touch the lives of so many near and far.  
Many of which I've never met in person but we have connected. 
this journey that I'm on and have been on is an ongoing field of making connections.  By that, I mean connecting to other people that are going through some things in their lives.  I used to think this journey was mine alone, a road that was given to me to walk and travel anonymously. I now know differently. 
As does this journey, my life is ever changing.  
I go through life experiences just as you do, but I am guided by HIS hand in all that I do on this journey. 
I got a message from HIM today and have been getting HIS messages for quite some time.  Often we ask in prayer for things that we want and need immediate answers to and gratification for.  Very often, they don't come when we want them too, they come when HE knows that we are ready to receive them. 
Now happens to be my time.  I'm extremely proud that I'm in a place that I'm open to receive all that HE is ready to bestow upon me.  I am being given several opportunities to bring my message that HE has given to me to some many that need to hear it.  I can't say that they are ready, but it is the time for them to receive it. 
Today, I was reminded by HIS messenger, that it is not for me to determine if the intent of the message is being received in the manner I give it.  It's about me giving the message and for others to take it and apply to their life situation as it needed.  They need to receive the message in the manner that is right for them.  Hearing this struck a chord within me and reaffirmed for me that yes, this is right.  I am doing what is needed not only for many but so many others. 

I am My Sister's Keeper because HE told me so. 
I am My Sister's Keeper because He wants me to be. 
I am not on this journey alone because HE is always with me. 
I want you to and hope you hear me LOUD and clearly as I PROUDLY say,

I am My Sister's Keeper!

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