Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Stepping out

Commitment comes with sacrifice!
I can say that I've made plenty of those during this journey. 
You will not hear too many complaints from me about those sacrifices. 
I enjoy most of the steps that I've made on this journey in my quest to Raise Awareness in each and every community I can reach. 
What have I sacrificed, some important time that could have been spent with the family, but I'm out training and networking to raise awareness.  I've sacrificed some personal things so that I can fund the events and get others to join us. I spend a great deal of time talking to others that want to share their stories and just need someone to listen. Yet through the sacrifice comes breakthroughs.  I have an idea for a new book.:)

I can say that last weekend when I attend and event Atlanta Pampered Ladies Expo I had a wonderful time. There was so much positivity taking place.  Thee were a room filled with various vendors and the guests were plentiful.  I made some connections and the items were spilling off the sales table. :)  Suffice it to say that I was quite pleased at the end of the night.  So much so that I signed up for September as well. 
In September I'm co-hosting a live WebTV broadcast that is all about Breast Cancer. Pretty Is PINK is entirely dedicated to women that are in this fight.  I'm honored to have this opportunity to bring the faces of women that are thriving after and during a diagnosis in the forefront of the community.  My hope is that more people will begin to share their stories after watching the show. I've been sharing, asking, encouraging everyone in front of a computer to watch it.  I want the ratings and views of the show to be the highest ever.  I have Mimi Johnson, The Arts Reporter for her complete and ongoing support of my part in this journey.  She is always there to be a part of any and everything that I put forth.  She is what I call a solid sponsor and it has nothing to do with the gift of monetary contributions  she is utilizing her role as a reporter, entertainer and artist to spread the word about Brest Cancer and what I'm doing. 

I've begun asking businesses and craftsmen to donate an item or product for an auction that I'm putting together.  I think I'm going to call it, United to Fight.  It shows the unity of all the donors, participants and the communities at large.  
I've continued my outreach and networking by being out their in front of people so they can make a personal connection and see that I actually exist and not just a face they see on social media networks.  
With some great promotion that I don't currently have, I think my events could be more populated and publicized to engage the masses to join us and the fight. 

The big event that I'm truly excited about is the Bra Painting Party in October.  I'm  super excited about the message of this event and all that we're going to accomplish.  I'm hoping that we'll have some bras donated to host an auction as the ladies express themselves creatively in their creations. 

Despite what many may think, I don't just come out during the month of October, I'm out here all year long working to help others.  No one can doubt my commitment to this fight.  I can't drive the point home enough that this is something that touches each and every one of us.  All I can ever ask if for people to listen and consider giving the gift of HOPE to another. 
Continue to follow us and be part of this family 

I am My sister's Keeper

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