Friday, August 24, 2012

United in PINK

I am so happy for my PINK Sisters that have reached their goals and are prepared to walk and stand proudly in the PINK for all the world to see.
As the days get closer and closer to October 19th, more of them are posting and sharing the great news.
I'd be lying if I said my eye didn't twitch because it does.  I want to be the one posting Yayyyy, I've met my goal!! My time has yet to arrive.
It does my heart and soul good every single time I see a goal met announcement.  It reassures me that there are a host of people out there supporting this fight and the mission to Raise Awareness to the dept of the impact of breast cancer.
There are women walking that are still in treatment, various stages of recovery or prepare for their procedures.  talk about a source of inspiration- they are it!  I've seen the heartbreak, heard the stories and the anxiety of other walkers not being to walk due to a decrease in monetary support.  I'm one of those stories.  The exception to that statement is, I haven't given up.  I refuse to stand idly by and just wait for others to feel like it. Being a donor is necessarily a complicated task.  It's about timing, interest,  I want each woman  a connection and means.
I realize all those things are in play every single time I post a request, fact, blog or message.  My intent to get others to start thinking about the issue first and the donation next.  sounds weird coming from a person that is dire need of donations right?  For me the fight is very important, but more important is for women to be aware of the bodies.  That is the focal point me.  If I'm able to touch the life and change even the thought of making the appointment in just a single solitary woman, than I'm all smiles.  I want to be clear, there is no doubt, that yes I do want the monetary donation to enable me to walk those miles with everyone that I've connected with during the year, but it is not the only focus for me.
They are cheering walkers as they pass by today
during Day 1 of Twin Cities 3 Day 
Don't get me wrong, I've had people/business owners donate items for auctions, volunteer their time and providing support in ways that they can.  I stress that this journey isn't taken alone, there are so many participants that are never seen. I appreciate each of them and do my best to let them know it as I share their support with the world.
I'm confident that as people open their eyes, hearts and minds they will open their wallets too.
I'm confident that I'll be walking to share the names of those lost, fighting and thriving in this battle.
I'm confident that I'll be doing what I'm supposed to be for the journey of 2012.
Whoo Hoo to ALL my PINK Sisters ready to hit the trails in their cities of choice.  Rock it out and let everyone know - BREAST CANCER SUCKS!!! You ROCK!
Walkers, fans, supporters, cheering stations, we are UNITED in this fight.

I am My Sister's Keeper
I support you!

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