Saturday, June 9, 2012

Down but not out

Right now, I'm looking  a bit glum. 

I'm a little beaten and beat down but not broken. 

I'd like to publicly thank all those that played a role in 

supporting my efforts to celebrate and 

raise breast cancer awareness. 

I truly appreciate your ongoing 


If this event doesn't work then maybe 

the next one will. 

I'm not giving up and I will continue on 

my journey. I'm looking at the big 

picture, which is all of those that are 

impacted daily by breast cancer and 

struggle to come to terms with a 

diagnosis and all that it entails. 

I'm a WINNER, so don't worry I'm not giving up.

I have posted and announced a Book Release & Signing 

party to celebrate my entry into the publishing arena. 

Notes Along My Journey will be available on June 12th both 

in stores and as an ebook. 

Be sure to get your copy sooner than later and bring it with 

you to the party. 

I'll sign it and read a couple pieces from the book.

You already know this is just another step on my journey 

that needed to be shared. 

I hope that many if not all of you  will be able to come out 

and party with me. 

There is no fee, just a good old fashioned party with some 

friends and new people. 

I am My Sister's Keeper

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